Amazon Teams Up With Accenture to Boost Cloud Services Business Inc. and consulting giant Accenture Plc are teaming up to provide cloud-based technology services and consulting to businesses, catapulting the Web retailer further into territory long dominated by companies such as Hewlett-Packard Co. and International Business Machines Corp. The deal, announced Wednesday at a company event in Las Vegas, will create a group staffed by Amazon and Accenture employees that …

What is Invisible Design?

So before we get too far along, design is visible. There’s no argument about that at all. But the techniques and tools you use, should not be glaringly obvious to the common user. Much of design is about “feeling right.” Users want to engage and interact with something. They don’t necessarily understand why. That’s invisible design. Though the concept had …

Google to websites: Be mobile-friendly or get buried in search

Google is introducing a new algorithm that affects how mobile search results appear — a significant change that will take anywhere from several days to a week to roll out. Moving forward, when you do a Google search on mobile, search results will prioritize websites that the search engine deems “mobile-friendly” — ones that avoid software like Flash and feature larger …

The latest in internet technology

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Did you know that in 2015 mobile device searches will surpass conventional desktop computer searches? Find out what we’re doing to make sure your website doesn’t just look great on your computer but also on a smart phone.

The Modern Workspace

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